Han Sung Chun - 아티스트컴퍼니

한성천Han Sung Chun

Birth. September 08, 1977
Debut. 2005 [용서받지 못한 자 (The Unforgiven)]

1977년 출생. 2005년 영화 [용서받지 못한 자]로 데뷔 했다. 연극 [리어], [토마토의 여인], [돈키호테], [멕베스], [햄릿], [가스펠], [갈매기], [아리랑], [낮병동의 매미들] 등에서
주연으로 활약, 탄탄한 연기 내공을 쌓았다. 이후 영화 [범죄와의 전쟁](2011), [이웃사람](2012), [577 프로젝트](2012), [더 테러 라이브](2013), [롤러코스터](2013), [역린](2014),
[악의 연대기](2015, [베테랑](2015), [성난변호사](2015), [두남자](2016), [터널](2016], 그리고 첫 주연작 [소시민](2017)까지 독립영화와 상업영화를 넘나드는 열정적인 행보를
보여주며 앞으로를 더욱 기대케하고 있다.

Born in 1977. He made his debut in the 2005 movie [Unforgiven]. She has starred in plays such as [ Lear], [The Woman of Tomato], [Don Quixote], [Macbeth], [Hamlet],
[Gospel], [The Seagull], [Arirang] and [Cicadas’ Ward]. Since then, he has appeared in films such as [Nameless Gangster: Rules of Time] (2011), [The Neighbors] (2012),
[Project 577] (2012), [The Terror, LIVE] (2013), [Fasten Your Seatbelt] (2013), [The Fatal Encounter] (2014), [The Chronicles of Evil] (2015), [Veteran] (2015),
[The Advocate : A missing body] (2015), [Derailed] (2016), [Tunnel] (2016) and his first leading film [Ordinary People](2017), he has shown his passion across the
independent and commercial movies and he makes us look forward to his career.