Kang Shin Chul - 아티스트컴퍼니

강신철Kang Shin Chul 姜信哲

Birth. September 2, 1978
Debut. 2006 [시간(Time)]


1978년 출생. 2006년 영화 [시간]으로 충무로에 입성, [나의 스캔들](2008), [비스티 보이즈](2008), [최종병기 활](2011), [범죄와의 전쟁](2011), [의뢰인](2011), [퍼펙트 게임](2011),
[가비](2012), [러브픽션](2012), [577 프로젝트](2012)로 활발한 활동을 해왔으며 [더 테러 라이브](2013), [소원](2013), [군도: 민란의 시대](2014)를 비롯해 [국제시장](2014),
[허삼관](2015), [치외법권](2015), [내부자들](2015), [남과 여](2016), [터널](2016), [소시민](2017), [특별시민](2017)까지 인상깊은 연기를 선보이며 충무로에서 입지를 공고히 다져온
연기파 배우다. [제왕의 딸, 수백향](2013), [직장의 신](2013), [프로듀사](2015) 그리고 [몬스터](2016)까지 브라운관에서도 감초 역할을 톡톡히 해내며 시청자들의 이목을 집중시켰다.
현재 영화 [침묵](2017)과 [신과 함께](2017)의 개봉을 앞두고 있으며 [PMC](2018) 촬영까지 충무로의 기대작에 연이어 출연하며 탄탄한 필모그래피를 구축하고 있다.

Born in 1978, Mr. KANG SHIN CHUL entered the Chungmuro film industry, with the film [Time] in 2006. Since then, the actor showed active performances with
the film [A Secret Scandal] and [Beastie-Boys] in 2008; the films [War Of The Arrows], [Nameless Gangster-Rules Of Time], [The Client] and [Perfect Game] in 2011;
the films [Gabi], [Love Fiction], [Project-577] in 2012. Besides, Actor KANG SHIN CHUL showed impressive performances ranging from the films [The Terror, LIVE]
and [Hope ] in 2013; [KUNDO: Age Of The Rampant] in 2014 to [Ode To My Father] in 2014; [Chronicle Of Blood-Merchant], [Untouchable Lawmen], [Inside Men,
The Original] in 2015; [A Man And A Woman] and [Tunnel] in 2016; [Ordinary People] and [The Mayor] in 2017. Such as this, Mr. KANG SHIN CHUL is an actor who
has secured the solid position in Chungmuro film industry. In addition to the films, he acted in the drams [ King’s-Daughter-Su-Baek-Hyang] and [The Queen of Office] in 2013;
[The Producers] and [Monster] in 2015 and 2016, respectively, in turn to bring fun in TV screens and attract viewers’ attention. Also, the films [Silence] and
[Along With the Gods] in which he would act are coming soon to the audience in 2017. On top of these, he shoots the films [ PMC] which will be released in 2018. Such as this,
he builds up his great filmography by showing performances expected to become popular in Chungmuro film industry.