Kim Jong Soo - 아티스트컴퍼니

김종수Kim Jong Soo 金鍾洙

Birth. November, 30, 1964
Debut. 1985 연극 [에쿠우스(Equus)]

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1964 출생. 1984년 극단 [고래]에 입단해 1985년 연극 [에쿠우스]를 시작으로 [늙은 부부 이야기], [관객모독], [베니스의 상인], [무녀도] 등 총 70여 편의 다양한 연극을 통해
탄탄한 연기력을 쌓아 온 베테랑 배우이며 연기뿐만 아니라 연출에도 재능을 보여 [아름다운 사인], [늘근 도둑 이야기], [나의 라임 오렌지나무] 등의 연극을 직접 연출하기도 했다.
영화 [밀양](2006)으로 스크린에 진출, 이후 영화 [풍산개](2011)에서 30년 연기 내공이 느껴지는 카리스마 넘치는 모습과 폭발적인 감정 연기로 관객들에게 깊은 인상을 남겼고
[범죄와의 전쟁](2012), [아부의 왕](2012), [전설의 주먹](2013), [스파이](2013), [스물](2015), 그리고 충무로의 신흥 대세로 떠오르게 한 [소수의견](2015)으로 스크린에서의 입지를 단단하게 굳혔다.
더불어 [미생](2014), [징비록](2015), [프로듀사](2015), [육룡이 나르샤](2015), [피리부는 사나이](2016), [뷰티풀 마인드](2016), [군주-가면의 주인](2016), 등 다수의 드라마에서
노련한 연기 내공을 펼쳐 명품 중견배우로 시청자들의 사랑을 받았다. 그리고 2016년은 ‘김종수의 해’라 칭해도 과하지 않은 한 해였다. [검사외전], [글로리데이], [날, 보러와요],
[무서운 이야기3], [양치기들], [봉이 김선달], [터널], [고산자, 대동여지도], [아수라], [연애담]까지 관객들의 뜨거운 사랑을 받았던 많은 영화에 출연해 영향력을 펼쳐 나갔으며
이후에도 드라마 [아르곤](2017)과 영화 [특별시민](2017), [보안관](2017), [1987](2017), [마약왕](2018), [돈](2018) 등 스크린과 브라운관을 누비며 명실공히 대배우의 길을 걷고 있다.

Born in 1964, Mr. KIM JONG SOO is a veteran actor who has showed remarkable acting skills by acting in some 70 plays such as [The Story of the Old Couple] and
[Offending the Audience], [The Merchant of Venice) and [A Painting of a Female Exorcist], starting to act in [Eqqus] in 1985 after having entered
[Theatre Company Gorae] in 1984. He showed his talent in producing works as well as in acting to produce the plays [The Story of the Dead Bodies of Six Women
Committing Suicide], [The Story of the Old Thieves], [My Lime Orange Tree], on his own. With the film [Secret Sunshine] in 2006, he broke into the movies.
In the film [Poongsan] in 2011, he left a deep impression to the audience by showing a completely charismatic image and delivering emotions in an extremely rigorous manner,
which proves his long and prominent career as an actor he has built up for 30 years. Actor Kim JONG SOO secured the solid position in movie screens with the films
[Nameless-Gangster: Rules of Time] and [Mr. Xxx-kisser] in 2012; [Fist of Legend] and (The Spy: Undercover-Operation] in 2013; [Twenty] in 2015, and [Minority Opinion] rising
as a general trend in Chungmuro that was released in 2015. In addition to the films, he showed the skilled performances in numerous drams [Incomplete Life] in 2014;
[ The-Jingbirok: A-Memoir-of-Imjin-War], [Producer], [Six Flying Dragons] in 2015; [The Pied Piper], [A Beautiful Mind] and [ The-Emperor: Owner-Of-The-Mask] in 2016
to receive attention and love from viewers. And, it cannot be exaggerated too much to call Year 2016 ‘The Year for Mr. KIM JONG SOO,’ for he acted in the films receiving
keen attention from the audience, such as [ A Violent Prosecutor], [One Way Trip]., [Insane], [ Horror Stories III], [The Boys-Who Cried Wolf],
[Seondal: The Man Who-Sells The River]. [Tunnel], [ The Map Against The-World], [ Asura: The City Of Madness], [Our Love Story] to show what he was made of.
Subsequently, he acted in the drama [Argon] and the films [The Mayor], [The Sheriff in Town], [1987] in 2017; the films [Drug Lord] and [Money] that will be released in 2018.
As described above, Mr. KIM JONG SOO walks on the road to a great actor arguably, across movie and TV screens.