Min Moo Je - 아티스트컴퍼니

민무제Min Moo Je

Birth. February 21, 1978
Debut. 2015 [허삼관 (Chronicle of a Blood Merchant)]

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1978년 출생. 중앙대학교 연극영화과를 졸업. [시카고], [렌트], [아이 러브 뮤지컬] 등 다수의 뮤지컬 무대에서 활동했다.
2015년 영화 [허삼관]으로 스크린 데뷔를 했다. 이후 개성 있는 마스크와 준비된 연기력으로 눈길을 끌며 [탐정 : 더 비기닝](2015),
[검사외전](2016), [남과 여](2016), [대역전](2016), 그리고 [어느 날](2017)까지 조금씩 존재감을 드러내며 앞으로의 활약을 예고하고 있다.

Born in 1978. Graduated from Chung-Ang University’s Department of Theater and Film. He has performed in many musical stages such as
[Chicago], [Rent], and [I Love Musical]. He made his screen debut in 2015 with the movie [Chronicle of a Blood Merchant].
Afterwards, he attracted attention with his unique appearances and solid acting talent in [The Accidental Detective] (2015), [A Violent Prosecutor] (2016),
[A Man and A Woman] (2016), [Tik Tok] (2016) and [One Day] (2017). He continues to revealed his presence and anticipate us with his active future.