Park So Dam - 아티스트컴퍼니

박소담Park So Dam

Birth. September, 8, 1991
Debut. 2013 [소녀(Steel-Cold-Winter)]

  • 인스타그램

1991년 출생. 영화 [소녀]로 데뷔해 [잉투기], [아름다운 임종], [마담 뺑덕], [레디액션 청춘], [상의원] 등의 작품에서 신인답지 않은 당찬 연기력을 선보이며 두각을 드러냈다.
이어 뜨거운 경쟁률을 뚫고 캐스팅 된 영화 [경성학교:사라진 소녀들]에서 첫 주연작이라는 점이 무색할만큼 극의 중심을 이끌어가는 중추적인 역할을 해내며 ‘충무로의 샛별’로
주목받았다. 또한 그녀는 국내 최고의 기대작 [베테랑], [사도]에 잇달아 캐스팅되었으며 2000대 1의 경쟁률 뚫고 캐스팅 된 [검은 사제들]까지, 스크린을 압도하는 연기력으로
각종 영화제에서 수상하는 쾌거를 이루며 ‘충무로의 기대주’로 자리매김 했다. 더불어 [처음이라서], [뷰티풀 마인드’], [신데렐라와 네 명의 기사] 등의 드라마에서 영화와는
또 다른 매력과 내공 있는 연기로 시청자들의 마음을 사로잡았으며, 600:1 의 오디션 경쟁률을 뚫고 참여하게 된 연극 [렛미인]과 연기에 대한 도전, 열정으로 다시 한 번 참여하게 된
연극 [클로저]까지, 스크린과 브라운관, 연극무대를 오가며 탄탄한 필모그래피를 쌓고 있다.

Born in 1991, Actress PARK SO DAM broke into movie, debuting in the film, [Steel-Cold-Winter]. Afterward, she appeared in films, [INGtoogi: The-Battle-of-Surpluses],
[Beautiful-Dying], [Scarlet-Innocence], [The-Youth], [The-Royal-Tailor] to show marvelous performances for a new actress, and distinguish herself in the film sector.
Subsequently, the actress came through extremely fierce competition to be cast in [The Silenced] and play the role of the first main character.
She played the central role leading the story, quite well so that the title, “The film is the first work acted as the main character by Actress PARK SO DAM,”
would sound unconvincing. After having acted in the film, [The Silenced], she received attention as ‘Twinkling Star of Chungmuro.’
In addition, the actress was cast in the films expected to be the greatest masterpieces in the nation, [Veteran] and [The-Throne], in a row. Furthermore,
she broke through a competition of 2000 to 1 to be cast in [The-Priests]. In the three films, she masterfully delivered lines and emotions in a touching manner so as
to captivate the screen, which made her win honorary awards in various film festivals, recognized as the actress of ‘potential and promise of Chungmuro.’
Besides, Actress PARK SO DAM appeared in the dramas, [My-First-Time], [A Beautiful-Mind], and [Cinderella] to show delicate and sophisticated performances,
demonstrating another charm she did not show in films. This caught the fancy of viewers. Also, she was cast in the play [Let-Me-In],
despite the tough competition of 600: 1, and [Closer] in which she acted as the second play work, with a challenge and passion for acting. Such as this,
the actress builds up the solid filmography, setting her foot at the film and drama screens including theatre stage.