Shin Jung Geun - 아티스트컴퍼니

신정근Shin Jung Geun

Birth. September 26, 1966
Debut. 1997 영화 [일팔일팔 (Profanity, 1818)]

1966년 출생. 1987년 극단 ‘하나’에서 연기를 시작해 극단 ‘광장’ 등에서 약 50여편의 연극을 소화하며 연극배우로 인정을 받았다.
1997년 영화 ‘일팔일팔’으로 첫 스크린 데뷔를 하였으며, 2002년 ‘복수는 나의 것’을 통해 본격적으로 영화계로 입문한다.
이준익 감독의 영화 ‘황산벌’(2003)로 주목받기 시작했으며, ‘왕의 남자’(2005), ‘사생결단’(2006), ‘신기전’(2008) 등의 굵직한 작품에서
탄탄한 내공을 발휘하며 인지도를 쌓았다. 꾸준한 활동을 이어가던 2009년 영화 ‘거북이 달린다’에서 개성 넘치는 캐릭터로 호연을 펼치며
진가를 발휘, 대중들에게 큰 호응을 얻었다. 또한 이 작품으로 그해 부산영화평론가 협회상 남우조연상을 수상 하기도 했다.
영화는 물론 TV드라마에서도 활약은 계속됐다. 2009년 ‘남자이야기’, ‘시티홀’(2009), ‘스타일’(2009), 여인의 향기’(2011)부터
최근 2014년 드라마 ‘피노키오’, ‘후아유-학교2015’(2015), ‘너를 사랑한 시간’(2015)까지 다수의 흥행 드라마에서 때로는 밉상 상사로 때로는
친근한 아버지로 활약, 중년층은 물론 2-30대까지 폭넓은 대중들에게 사랑받았다.
2010년 영화 ‘구르믈 버서난 달처럼’, ‘평양성’(2011), ‘하울링’(2012), ‘광해, 왕이 된 남자’(2012), ‘은밀하게 위대하게’(2013), ‘깡철이’(2013),
‘더파이브’(2013), ‘끝까지간다’(2014), ‘터널’(2016) 등 다수의 작품에서 살아 숨쉬는 명품연기란 무엇인지를 보여주며 영화의 완성도와 결을
더욱 탄탄하게 다지는 명품 배우로 자리매김했다. 현재 대한민국 영화계에 없어서는 안될 배우로 활발한 활동을 이어가고 있다.

Born in 1966 and started to conduct performances in Theatre ‘Hana’ in 1987 and performed some 50 theatric plays in Theatre ‘Gwangjang (Plaza)’
to be recognized as a stage actor. Actor Shin made the first screen debut at the film ‘Profanity (1818)’ in 1997. In 2002, he played an act in the film ‘Sympathy For Mr.
Vengeance,’ which made him break into the film circles, in full swing. The actor began to receive attention with the film ‘Once Upon A Time In The Battlefield’ produced
by Director Lee Jun-ik. In the film masterpieces like ‘King and The Clown’ (2005),’ ‘Bloody Tie (2006),’ ‘The Divine Weapon (2008),’ he showed his skills in acting that
he had cultivated to build up his value. He had showed performances steadily. In 2009, he was casted in the film ‘Running Turtle’ and played a role of the character
having a strong personality, quite well and showed what he was really. This made him receive honorary compliments from the audience.
Also this work caused him to win the best supporting actor award awarded by Bussan Film Critics Association., in the year.
In TV drams as well as in films, he continued to appear and show performances. He, sometimes, played a role of a selfish office senior, and as a friendly father,
other sometimes, in numerous popular drams ranging from ‘The Slingshot (2008),’ ‘City Hall (2009),’ ‘Style (2009),’ ‘Scent of a Woman (2011),’ for example, to
‘Pinocchio (2014),’ ‘Who Are You: School 2015 (2015),’ ‘The Time We Were Not in Love (2015).’ Through a lot of film and drama works, he had received keen
love and attention of fans of wide age ranges: from the middle-aged public to the public aged 20s and 30s.
Actor Shin Jung-Geun showed what is breathing excellent performance in countless works, for example, in ‘Blades Of Blood (2010),’ ‘Battlefield Heroes (2011),’
‘Howling (2012),’ ‘Masquerade (2012),’ ‘Secretly Greatly (2013),’ ‘Tough As Iron (2013),’ ‘The Fives (2013),’ ‘A Hard Day (2014),’ ‘Tunnel (2016),’
where he secured his place as an eminent actor by showing high-quality film performances and heightening his prestige as an actor, more and more.
Currently, Actor Shin performs majority of works, called an actor very essential in the Korean film circles.